I invented "3D Stencils" ! Do you want one ?

3D Bridges !

Result with the All-Seeing-Eye 3D Stencil

All Seeing Eye Stencil used on a skateboard
first 3D bridges in 2014
Invented by myself in 2014 at Toulouse/France for the chinese word "Hao".


A stencil is a super-useful tool for painters.

The "bridges" are some annoying bars that are used to keep parts of the stencil in place ("islands").

When you use a regular stencil, these bars appear on the painting !

Working with and for artists, I came with a cool solution : 3D Bridges !

One simple bridge



The size is not a real problem. When it's bigger than 20cm per 20cm, it's easy to cut in several parts the stencil and glue them together :

out of the printer, with supports

out of the printer, with supports

out of the printer, with supports

The pictures above come from the last one I made for a coffee owner who wanted to paint her tables herself with the color she wanted (sold 30€). All the finition is made by hand by myself. I don't have pictures of the final result on the tables but I'll return there to take some (Vila Nova de Santo André).

So when you use this new kind of stencil, made by 3D-printers in a few hours, the bars DO NOT appear on the final result !

If you are a designer or artist, you can use this technique ! I'm not protecting this idea with any copyright (on purpose, with pleasure!). Enjoy new 3D Stencils and give me a push by posting this article where you want ! My main income is by 3D-printing so you can fill free to contact me and make me work.

Propaganza Urban Artists

I can realize any 3D Stencil for you. I need your logo in picture or in vectorial format if possible. From your image I will modelize the stencil and place 3D-bridges on it in Blender, the program I'm using. For the moment this cannot be automatized.

Starting at 20€ per 3D-stencil ! Just contact me with your image attached to the message !