Escudo Mask first versions

Version 0.04

0.04 only 5 grams

filter cover 0.04

004 both parts assembled

    (after removing the "brim" and extra glue, lost 0.1 gram)


    During the coming days, I'll be working on version 0.05 but until the final release 1.00 please use a professionnal mask or use at your own risk.

    If you decide to fork from the .blend file, please DO SO ! This is only a concept and not a version 1.00 which means it's not perfect at all. It's also a demostration of what can be done and may give ideas for other purposes.
    This mask needs testing in various sizes and heights (Z), and some optimization.

    I'll be giving names to zones of the mask : the nose, the elastics plugs, the air-filter-hole, the filter-cover (second part 3D-printed at same scale).


    004 in blender

    This part is the nose part. I invented this shape of "buttons" or "pins" but it's not perfect either, I'll maybe make them bigger...

    004 zoom

    Update : Nice testing. Layer porn is needed aka perfect first layer. >]

    Sooo...! Now I know what to do on 0.05 :

    • bigger "buttons"
    • 2 more V shapes to give inverted curves on each side of the nose. (in green on the picture)
    • use thermoformation for the nose ! (thanks to "My Tech Fun" ! )

    004 assembled


    Version 0.05

    I just realized that version 0.05 has a bad bezier curve so it's not perfectly flat. My bad. Correcting right now. (30.03 @23h33 CET) (posted on next version with corrected pin position)

    But it printed correctly : 0,15mm per layer, 0,4mm extruder (0,35mm setup in slic3r so it's not so porous like bad 3D prints, every line is glued to next one)

    Loaded E:\3D\work\2020\breathing_protection_mask_v005-mask_ext04.gcode, 14895 lines
    1785.83mm of filament used in this print
    The print goes:
    - from 17.13 mm to 162.87 mm in X and is 145.74 mm wide
    - from 7.93 mm to 166.56 mm in Y and is 158.63 mm deep
    - from 0.00 mm to 3.75 mm in Z and is 3.75 mm high
    Estimated duration: 25 layers, 1:16:40

    Print started at: 23:53:24

    Print ended at: 01:12:51 and took 1:19:27

    I scaled on Z by 60%

    X and Y by 2600% (at 100% it's small on purpose to let the printer choose the size)

    Which printed 5 layers of 150microns each and ~3mm pins

    0.05 just printed

    As you can see on this picture, the pins are not well positioned so only the top one is used and this is like a bug in software development that will be corrected on next iteration.

    0.05 assembled

    0.05 is 7,24 grams (sry for the blur)

    The shape is quite good. But there's a problem with the V shapes and the position of the buttons/pins.

    This is more like a disposable chirurgical mask and does not have any filter and doesn't seal. It blocks droplets and won't be porous if covered with a non-toxic product.

    Note: I use Natural PLA without color.


    Version 0.06

    New V shapes. Tested asap.

    0.06 in blender

    006 in Prusa Slic3r

    0.06 in pronterface

    Tested with a 0.4 extruder, this one took 1h38 to 3D-print. 150µm per layer. (solid infill because there's not enough volume to make a normal infill)

    12 Grams.

    0.06 Printed