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[still under construction]

I am based in Portugal (Santiago do Cacèm) and France (Toulouse), this website is hosted in France by Gandi.Net <3 ! Using Drupal (the open-source CMS), I am going to build a nice source of knowledge and ideas : everything has or will have its database starting with objects !

  • OBJECTS : A Catalog of offered 3D-models you can download in a few clics ! I'm just starting this database ! please send comments or come talk to me if you have questions (discord link on the homepage). ^_^

[under construction]

  • 3D Printers : Specialists at your service NOW ! (List and Map +Registration) I'm stuck on a technical problem. Sorry to be so slow ! This will be a super cool function.

  • Links to Ressources on Internet for you to download objects (and tell us to 3D-PRINT for you and send by mail)

  • Tips & Tricks about 3D-Printing and modeling complex objects

  • Images Galeries

  • Catalog of "Ready Objects" : already printed, published dynamically on the section, that we sell directly here online ! Delivered super-fast in 48h in Portugal/Spain/France starting at 10€ per object (7€ for transport included) !

  • News from around the world from the best websites ! (thanks to Drupal RSS Aggregator and maybe programmed php bots)