What is Open-Source Hardware ? #OSHW ?

OSHW Official Logo


I am promoting OPEN-SOURCE HARDWARE aka MATERIEL LIBRE in french, or in portuguese : MATERIAL LIVRE.

Why ? Because I know that this movement and concept have and will have a huge impact on giving power to the people (the poor ones in fact) (to invent many new tools or use some already existing and contributing if we can). Another reason is because I personally use REPRAPs 3D-Printers since now 8 years. IMHO The best RepRap contributor -and machine conceptor- is by far : Josef PRUSA. I'm his fan and supporter. Thinking that he has a tattoo of this logo on the arm is something that blew my mind, and gave me total confidence that I'm right. "This is the Way !". ;D

Thank you and have a nice visit of this website !