3D Stencils !

3D Bridges !


first 3D bridges in 2014
Invented by myself in 2014 at Toulouse/France for the chinese word "Hao".

A stencil is a super-useful tool for painters.

The "bridges" are some annoying bars that are used to keep parts of the stencil in place ("islands").

When you use a regular stencil, these bars appear on the painting !

Working with and for artists, I came with a cool solution : 3D Bridges !



So when you use this new kind of stencil, made by 3D-printers in a few hours, the bars DO NOT appear on the final result !


This instagram pictures come from the last one I made for a coffee owner who wanted to paint his tables (sold 30€). All the finition is made by hand.

I can realize any 3D Stencil for you. I need your logo in picture or in vectorial format if possible. From your image I will create a 3D object and place 3D-bridges by hand. For the moment this cannot be automatized.

Starting at 20€ per 3D-stencil ! Just contact me with your image attached to the message !