3D-printed breathing masks overview

Updated : on 27.03.2020

Hi, my objective is to produce the best solution that I can share and some R&D about "thin masks".

I'm searching the web and interacting with various communities ! I'm currently in contact with Makers (via a discord server and facebook groups), French FabLab Network (via facebook group only), Hackerspace.Org (via their Mailing-List).

I'll focus on simple 3D-printed masks here on this article, but my project is a simple "for all" thin biodegradable mask.

And of course we are a lot wanting to help from home (I work from home already since "forever" so I'm used to work online with tools like skype, teamspeak, or now DISCORDAPP, yes the gamer thing... believe it or not it's really well coded and uses WebRTC so it's P2P and encrypted !)

There's many different categories of masks. I'm focusing on disposable masks that could be massively produced and bio-degradable.


[update] : this seems to be a fake post. AFES Chile just answered :

real AFES_Chile

So, this following warning was fake, but the author (they don't say who it is) is RIGHT. the concentration of copper in PLA filaments used for 3DP are not enough to kill the virus. Real copper should be used and you/we should get more info on air-filtration and how to kill the virus.

AFES Chile warning

[NEW] https://www.maspire.org/ is a open-source initiative from France with cotton based tissue if I'm not wrong.

[New] Minimalistic "DIY Face Mask" by  Pavlo Tsapiuk (Ukraine) : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4231792 (really interesting on the mass-production point of view) Bravo Pavlo !

( PLEASE HEAD TO : https://www.facebook.com/groups/opensourcecovid19medicalsupplies/ but of course there's hackathons all over the world from various organizations like Hackerspaces.org or Fablabs where I'm also connected )

So to start with (when I first wrote this post), I searched for "breathing masks" on yeggi.com and only found 3 serious designs :

> interesting parts for the filters junction but the rest of the design is too massive and will be heavy for sure

Breathing mask - functional



Also interesting but way too massive and heavy.

Breathing mask


And finally the best one in my opinion : uses the fewer possible plastic (or bio-plastic if possible ! please avoid ABS and use bio-degradable PLA !)


Flexible Mask Valvy

As I was thinking someone -iczfirz on Feb 23, 2020- already designed something usable that uses all the advantages of 3D-printing, including printing in 2D almost all the mask with only a few parts in 3D. Thanks a lot iczfirz ! Your design is really good and deserves some tips indeed.

This last mask seems really usable and comes with customizable cartridges but lacks the possibility to make it evolve and is not fully open-source (not published on github at least afaik).

or this one now : "Simply Flexible Mask"


Simply Flexible Mask


Now I can start designing something ! See you later in coming days.

Please contact me if you find some other designs and if you like iczfirz work give him a tip !

Have a nice day or night.