3D-Printed Breathing Mask 0.02

Hi, this is a work in progress right now.

The mask will have a 0.4mm thickness (height) but maybe less.

This shape is not the final one as this is only my first prototype and I'm doing it really quick by iterations. The first design was a fail and I started over with this one.

At the bottom you can see a Bezier Curve that defines the shape. I duplicate it and make a mirror on X, then join the two parts. Transform to Mesh, then Extrude to give it 0.4mm height.

3D-printed breathing masks overview

Updated : on 27.03.2020

Hi, my objective is to produce the best solution that I can share and some R&D about "thin masks".

I'm searching the web and interacting with various communities ! I'm currently in contact with Makers (via a discord server and facebook groups), French FabLab Network (via facebook group only), Hackerspace.Org (via their Mailing-List).

I'll focus on simple 3D-printed masks here on this article, but my project is a simple "for all" thin biodegradable mask.

Blender Fun

demo objects

This image was rendered with Blender, but do you know you can use Blender as a CAD software ? Yes, this wasn't the case a few years ago but it's getting better and better each year. (even Ubisoft started using it and is contributing to it !)