There's only one person behind this website. It's still under construction. I keep it simple on purpose.

It works with Drupal (a very good Content Management System) and it can be extended quite massively if necessary.

Why ? Because it runs on a Virtual Machine -provided by Gandi.Net- where I can add CPU cores, RAM, Disk space, Bandwidth... =)

For the moment you will find only three objects in the objects catalog but there's a lot of things missing !

I'll be cleaning what I did last years in the coming months and post them here. There's a type of 3D-printer which you never saw. Stackable Dodecaedrons... and many many other ideas. <3 !

e-mail : Contact@3DLibre.com

Address : 21 Rua das Romeirinhas - 7540-187 Santiago do Cacèm - Portugal


Little bio :

Complete name : Louis-David de Campos Venâncio (but I used "David Venancio" many years in France).

Grown up in France mainly at Issy-les-moulineaux, born in Paris 16th at "Rue de la pompe" ! Double Nationality : French and Portuguese !

Got 2 Diplomas from "Versailles's Académia" (France, Hauts-de-Seine/92) obtained at Lycée Technique Régional "Agora" de Puteaux :

Year 1990 - "Baccalauréat en Electro-Technique" - Mention Assez-Bien.

Year 1992 - "Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en Informatique Industrielle"



I am professionnal in Computing and Electricity.

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My other passions are : Rollerskating and Video-games (where I use "meta-4" nickname or "[340]meta-baron" some years ago in Quake from id Software).


One of my best reference is at LOTUS DEVELOPMENT bought by IBM in 1995.

Lotus Consulting University 1996

International consultants from Lotus Development at IBM New-York. 1996.

Exactly at that time and since 1993, I was a specialist on the famous program Lotus Notes/Domino a pioneer in Groupware. Since then I specialized on Php/SQL using what I learnt about "Working Together" the famous Lotus tagline.

I started being a freelance right after working for Lotus and felt in love with the Open-Source Movement. Learnt to work on Linux and developped my own CMS rapidly replaced by Drupal in my work : making websites and complex back-offices with HIGH returns on investments ! (like the one for Ligarena and the ESWC written in Php/mySQL in 2000)

Check out my Linkedin profile to learn more about me as a professional programmer since 1994 and passionate gamer since 1980 on Atari 2600 on which I discovered my first pixels with 6 years old eyes...

It's always a pleasure to use a computer for me ! <3 !

Just to be exact : I wrote my first program at 14 years old with my cousin Alexandre Mendes in Paris on a Amstrad CPC464 which was a Solitaire game way before multiplayer games like Doom. Nothing special here. I'm from this lucky generation who played with first personal computers.

Here is a picture of us at the Gamer's Assembly organized at the Poitier's Futuroscope (I think in 2005? got to check that) :

Gamers Assembly ~2001

Right now I'm focusing on 3D-Printing since 2013 which makes 8 years of experience already ! =)

I use RepRaps for many reasons : It's the first open-source hardware 3D-printer, and it was the cheapest machine you could build. Check RepRap.Org for more informations ! GowGowGoooo ! =)




3DLibre Project Story

2009 : I saw my first RepRap in Paris at the /tmp/lab in a demo by Alexandre Korber from Usinette.org at that moment. Thank you so much Alexandre. =)

2013 : First REPRAP MendelPro built at home at night and 15 Kg of PLA 3D-Printed ! First clients who show interest in the objects and proof that they are sellable ! Thanks again to MixArt-Myrys and TetaLab.

my first 3D Printer


2014 : Transformation from "MendelPro" to "Prusa i3 Rework", with the help of eMotion-Tech. Started to work for Tournefeuille's Mediatheque with Arduino workshops and of course 3D-Printing on RepRap and 3D Modeling on Blender.

my first Prusa i3 ReWork


2015 : I worked as freelance for Tournefeuille's "Mediathèque" close from Toulouse in very hard conditions on my part but excellent help from their staff... btw rooms were crowded at maximum which is a very good point. I had 8 slots and had to manage 10 to 11 people almost each time! Sessions were on Sunday from 09am to 12am then 2pm to 5pm just to let people enjoy the rest of the saturday (chosen by the management). I was paid 375€ per Saturday there but they only happened 6 times in the year. One day I hurt myself the day before and couldn't go so the new director asked me to completely stop which was a "no pity" style management for a freelance tbh... The workshop ran super well each time ! People were very happy... that's why I'm so sad about that relation with the Mediathèque.

one of my first workshops in Tournefeuille, France.


my reprap at Tournefeuille's workshop

I also built my *second* RepRap bought in part from EricDuino and eMotion-Tech for the missing Nema17 steppers. Eric is a super-huge RepRap fan and several times national champion on "Line Follower Robots" with the Airduino team from AIRBUS (word play with 'arduino' and 'airbus').

Airduino meeting !

(photo source : https://www.reprap-france.com/article/rencontre-avec-eric-et-son-projet-airduino )

But, let's be clear : I'm not the inventor of reprap 3D-printers (for visitors passing by). I'm a FAN.

2016 : Printing and programing the GrippyBot. Moved from Toulouse to Albi. (less 3D-Printing, just relaxing, took 15 days of holidays abroad)

my first GrippyBot


2017 : Moved from Albi to Santiago-do-Cacèm - Portugal with still some travels to Toulouse with my blue Renault Trafic !


2018 : Lots of 3D Printing ! Here is a dog from Santo Andre which I 3D scanned with a Kinect.

my first 3D Scaned DOG !
"American staff" with quite impressive muscles called "Luna".


2019 untill now : STILL 3D-PRINTING !

2019 reprap prusa i3 rework in portugal