Hi, I'm a freelance living in Portugal since 3 years. Started 3D-printing on RepRaps in 2013 and I'm not planning to stop. <3 !

CV : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ldvenancio

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsndqoG0iDbZtb-MwLYDr-w

GitHub : https://github.com/david-venancio

Blog : http://david.venancio.free.fr/

Discord Server : https://discord.gg/8VmDPXVmrz

other informations : please read my blog's 'contact' page : http://david.venancio.free.fr/?q=node/15

This website statistics (only current year) :


Prices 2021

#3DPrinting with #PLA : 10€/hour (available only on small orders and small amounts of objects. Colors : white or black, Material : PLA)

#Coding and #Workshops/Ateliers : 300€/day

#3DModeling : 30€/hour

#3DStentils : Starting at 20€ for 15cm x 15cm. Add printing time and 7€ Delivery to Europe. Contact me for exact pricing.


ADDRESS : Louis David (Ferreira de Campos) Venâncio - Rua das Romeirinhas, lote 21 - 7540-187 Santiago-do-cacém - Portugal

LEGAL : Registered in Portugal as freelance since 1.1.2021 in COMPUTING SERVICES.