Hi, I'm a freelance. Started 3D-printing on RepRaps in 2013 and I'm not planning to stop !

   Being a geek since very young, I'm a computer specialist who got 2 diplomas from Versailles close to Paris in 1990 and 1992 : "Baccalauréat Electro-technique" and "Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en Informatique Industrielle" (2 years on computer's hardware and coding).

   I discovered computers at school when I was 12 years old and learnt Basic quite quickly. My first program was a small video game written in Basic on a Amstrad CPC464 (using tapes) with 14 years old (with one of my cousins who had a CPC6128 already with floppy disks).

   I like to build custom computers since my first 8086 PC which had a 10 Mega-Bytes hard-drive and one 5" floppy. (thanks again to my older brother who built it from old parts he would keep from his first job as we were not rich.)... 10MB is like 3 HD pictures nowadays...

   Then I learnt in high-school and at work : Assembler (68000 and 8086), Turbo Pascal, C and C++, Lotus-Script (close to Visual-Basic), Lotus Notes development (proprietary software with powerfull C APIs which I became familiar with), SQL, Java, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python, Shell Scripting (quite bad at it, I copy/paste a lot), and Internet protocols : TCP UPD / IP, DNS, SMTP, SFTP, and of course HTTP(s) which is required if you code with PHP. I also use a lot SSH with various clients (cross-plateform) like the native Linux client "ssh" or on win10's puTTy and lately on Android's "ConnectBot".

   I generally can use a lot of weird software like Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, CodeLite or phpMyAdmin, jEdit, The Gimp, Inkscape, Blender (since 2006, but before I played with 3DS Max), oooor Meshroom, Reconstructme, openSCAD, regedit32... Quake 3 (not anymore), Arma 3, DayZ... (which are video-games ! Yep, I'm a video-games addict !) (I'm not sorting the softwares, it came like this to my mind while writing).

   I had to manage web-servers so I learnt the basics of Linux Server Administration and went to data-centers for hardware setup and management (this is not my specialty but what I do works). Then rented quite a lot of servers without having to go there (OVH or Online.net).

   I spent a lot of time "not coding" just to change a bit this last years; since 2014, I gave formations and learnt to people how to 3D-model and how to 3D-print on RepRap machines, which are OPEN-HARDWARE, and this is the main revolutionary thing ! Many people do not know the existence of the concept of "Matériel Libre", please analyze that ! The blueprints are shared over Internet !

   In 2015, I organized a small "Hardware-Freedom Day" at the TetaLab not-for-profit association in Toulouse. Thanks again to Philippe Martorel who understood the potential of this for educational purposes. Thanks also to EricDuino ! A Arduino super-fan of at that time. The event was a bit confidential with only 50 visitors at the hackerspace, but it worked as part of a world-wide movement organized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation !

2016 photo
2016 @ Toulouse Mix'Art-Myrys with a quite big Arduino based Pan-Tilt and a RepRap behind.


I speak French, English, Portuguese and school level Spanish.

   I'm quite good in mathematics, electricity, friesbie, smocking (just trolling), doing Origami airplanes, swimming in big waves, rollerskating, long-board skate, cutting my air alone at 1mm, using both hands (but I work it on purpose, imho everyone should learn to use both hands indifferently and this could be learnt in schools, btw I don't write from left hand so I'm not so good at it, weird stuff: since child I reverse my fork and knife, so I cut things with left...).

   I'm not so good in "communication" on internet, and I'm not working that skill because I don't want to get into "marketing". I just feel I'm a good technician and that's enough to live from that with people I meet AFK. Being a bit impulsive I post stuff which I delete and write e-mails I sometimes regret. Nevermind, this won't kill me.

   So, since I started selling -small quantities of- 3D-printed objects in 2013, only on the demand of people around me, I can testify that 3D-printed objects are sellable (95% PLA, 5% ABS which I boycott by now).

   I didn't kept the count but I think I 3D-printed "only" 15Kg of filament in 2013, then around 20Kg per year till 2020 (with 2 repraps).

Portugal, Freekuency 2017 : a 5 days event's first day. No table. Who cares !


Freekuency 2017 - Day 2, Oooh ! A table and protection from the sun ! (thanks to french neighbors) This was more a demonstration than a workshop which was planned with the staff. But it wasn't the good place for a real "workshop" !


   My last travel to Toulouse was in november 2018 for the Capitole du Libre where I contributed to the RepRap stand (I love you Toulibre.org ! Have a nice space-travel !).

In 2019 : I stayed in Santiago-do-cacèm for personal reasons.

Then arrived the SarS-Cov2 problem.

   In april 2020, feeling that maybe it could be usefull to 3D-print face-shields, I designed the "Escudo Mask", being in contact on Discord with other french makers, and on facebook groups like "french fablabs" and "portuguese maker movement", trying to be usefull from my confinement place here in Portugal.

I found alone the idea of a V shape with "buttons", to deform the 3D-printed mask.

By now I'm looking for a job (or client) to buy new hardware (my computers are a bit old) and a new car. I'll maybe put on "pause" my freelance activity.

-Louis David.


CV : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ldvenancio

GitHub : https://github.com/david-venancio

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsndqoG0iDbZtb-MwLYDr-w

Blog : http://david.venancio.free.fr/

Discord (you are welcome !) : https://discord.gg/8VmDPXVmrz

other informations : please read my blog's 'contact' page : http://david.venancio.free.fr/?q=node/15

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Prices 2021

#3DPrinting with #PLA : 10€/hour (available only on small orders and small amounts of objects). Colors : contact me, Material : PLA)

#Coding and #Workshops/Ateliers : 300€/day

#3DModeling : 30€/hour

#3DStentils : Starting at 20€ for 15cm x 15cm. Add printing time and 7€ Delivery to Europe. Contact me for exact pricing.


ADDRESS : Luis David Venâncio - Rua das Romeirinhas, lote 21 - 7540-187 Santiago-do-cacém - Portugal

LEGAL : Registered in Portugal as freelance since 1.1.2021 in COMPUTING SERVICES (service paused).