Please Boycott ABS and PETG (if not recycled)

In relation with this post about PLA.


Ok to summerize : PLA has to be recycled with other plastics because, for the moment, it's not easy or *is* expensive to separate from current other plastics like ABS and PETG.

But it's not made from fossil petrol. And this is a good start.

Think about ecology and "what if" everybody starts 3D-printing toys and useless things without care ! That would be a nightmare on the long term.



Fresh start.

I'm starting a new approach on this website, and apologize for the deleted content : I need to do better.

I will focus on Programming open-source 3D and providing 3D-printing service.

Join me on DISCORD (like a new IRC imo) "BlackMeta@MassMulti.Org" !


By the way, I have migrated from to Libera.Chat IRC network.

My actual RepRap setup


Under the printer : Medium wood 50 x 50  x 2 cm

Behind it : two black pieces of black acrylic -which could be wood- (~50 x 10 x 1 cm) hold a metalic 8mm diameter bar (~55cm) secured by a transparent acrylic part (~50 x 30 x 1 cm). Each black acrylic part is secured by metalic 90° brackets. Acrylic is toxic when you cut it, hold your breath +open windows or garage.

On the bar : a white PLA spool with 3D-printed holder including bearings, and a black PLA spool with skate wheels. ;D

So, I can move it anywhere in 10 seconds by unpluging the cables.

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