Website by David Venancio Ferreira de Campos born in 1974, Paris France. Actually Located in Toulouse,FR and Santiago do Cacèm,PT.

2 Diplômes : BAC Electro-Technique & BTS Informatique Industrielle - Académie de Versailles (92).

Started 3D-Printing in 2013 at Toulouse.

My machines are : 2 x "RepRap Prusa i3 Rework." = size 20cm (on X) , 20cm (on Y), 18cm (on Z, the height).

3D-PRINT PRICING : 5€/hour per RepRap, 150 to 250 µm/layer, 0% to 100% infill possible. BIO-PLASTIC (PLA)

3D-MODELING : 20€/hour.

Please use the contact form to ask me anything and upload your STL archives.