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This is David Venancio de Campos's website. Professionnal programmer since 1993. Freelance since 1997.

I have two diplomas from France/Versailles : in 1990 Baccalauréat in Electrotechnics with mention (high voltage control) and in 1992 Superior Technician in Industrial Computing (BTS ii).

Passionnated since childwood by new technology, I am at the edge of news, which is one of my tasks.

I try everything new and check what it can or cannot do. And guess what ? I LOVE 3D PRINT.

FYI: I saw my first REPRAP in Paris at /tmp/lab (I love you ppl). I started building my first REPRAP in 2012. Started 3D-printing experimentally in 2013 in a hackerspace in Toulouse (very hard conditions...). Started Open-3DPrint.fr in 2014 and did cool workshops at Tournefeuille (a city close from Toulouse). I also started printing "on demand" for clients at that moment ! =)

I am friend with Emotion-Tech which I saw grow up and who helped me start my service. They make part of the virtuous circle created around this excellent invention and the RepRap community because they contribute in various ways and are very nice, empathic, helping, professionnals.

SIRET (France) : 411 851 603 00018

Official Address : 2bis rue de Belfort, 31000 Toulouse. France.

Actual Address : 21 rua das Romeirinhas, 7540 Santiago do Cacèm. Portugal.


Contact : dv@3DLibre.com or here