3D Print is the new way of making objects. All over the world, people start using this machines since 2008 for the first ones.

I'm one of the first professionnals to offer a service based on REPRAP 3D-Printers that allow me to go LOWCOST !


I started in 2013 with 15Kg of bio-plastic (in Toulouse, south of France) just to try everything with this new machine I had assembled : the REPRAP ! It's open-source so YOU can do it also !
It's simple ! The objects are created layer by layer, and it is possible to choose a lot of options.

Service: I 3D-Print ANY OBJECT* for you at 5€ per hour.


reprap numero 1 avril 2018

Please use the contact form to ask me anything about this service.

(I will complete this page with more informations quickly)


* Not exactly "any object" : no weapons or illegal objects ! My clients must understand that there are some limits I won't bypass.