Elfic Wizard with Horse and Elfic Name

Here's an example of what I do with Blender !

This STL regroups two objects downloaded from MyMiniFactory for free and a font downloaded from DaFont.

blender screenshot with a elven mage and her horse

And this version with less bioplastic used because the base is smaller :

less material

Scaled at 12cm high, sliced with Slic3r at 150µm per layer, 8% infill, with supports, that gives 20h36mn of 3D-printing on my RepRap Prusa i3 ReWork.

on slicer

I'm waiting for Axel -my client- to agree on this design and size to start 3D-printing.


I got the confirmation that the design and size are OK !

My machine is working right now on it since this morning and the print is at 52% ! =)