Ultra-thin Breathing Mask

A free simple breathing mask composed of 2 parts : the 'mask' itself and a 'filter-cover' to hold a tissue or whatever you want to choose. Needs to be scaled to the good size before slicing and 3D-printing.

*** Use PLA for recycling possibilities. ***

Thickness: 0.2mm (can be scaled on Z up to whatever you want)

********************************************** WARNING ***********************************************
- ACTUAL VERSION : 0.04 (Alpha)

3D-printed breathing masks overview

Updated : on 27.03.2020

Hi, my objective is to produce the best solution that we can share all together online !

And of course we are a lot wanting to help from home (I work from home already since "forever" so I'm used to work online with tools like skype, teamspeak, or now DISCORDAPP, yes the gamer thing... believe it or not it's really well coded and uses WebRTC so it's P2P and encrypted !)

There's many different categories of masks. I'm focusing on disposable masks that could be massively produced and bio-degradable.

Blender Fun

demo objects

This image was rendered with the Ray-tracing engine from Blender, but do you know you can use Blender as a CAD software ? Yep, this wasn't the case a few years ago but it's getting better and better each year. (even Ubisoft started using it and is contributing to it !)

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