Ultra-thin Breathing Mask


A free simple breathing mask composed of 2 parts : the 'mask' itself and a 'filter-cover' to hold a tissue or whatever you want to choose. Needs to be scaled to the good size before slicing and 3D-printing.

*** Use PLA for recycling possibilities. ***

Thickness: 0.2mm (can be scaled on Z up to whatever you want)

********************************************** WARNING ***********************************************
- ACTUAL VERSION : 0.04 (Alpha)

Hi, I started to write this post on the (erratum: 18th! check the post date) then updated on sunday 22nd of march 2020 where 1 billion people are confined, now it's 3 billion on 26th...

I do some 3D modeling since ~2006 and 3D-printing on RepRap since 2013.


  • 0.2 mm thickness which makes it flexible (scalable on Z) (argument that makes this design unique for the moment)
  • Weights 6.69 GRAMS on the current version
  • it's disposable and prints in around 40 mn !
  • if you 3D-print in PLA it will be Bio-degradable
  • 3D-Printable at home if you own a 3D-printer
  • you can 3D-print it for your familly and neighboors
  • you can modify it using the .blend file (I'll document the process a bit but you need the 'Tissue' plugin to transform the plane and apply the tesselation component which could be more complex but I went to a square frame)
  • it's free to download right now in the next clic


  • There is no filter obviously this part has to be added by the user. That's why the AFES Chile warning does not concern this prototype because it doesn't use copper filters or anything, The user chooses at it's own risk. There's a lot of good informations about that.
  • Porosity : it depends on the quality of the 3D-printer and material used, and you can cover it with anything like spray for painting or transparent ink. Anything that would make it perfectly waterproof. (0.1mm layer height is good against porosity but has to be proven scientifically)
  • Security norms other than filtering (skin contact problems etc. - still searching : documenting myself on this and got some informations from this group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/opensourcecovid19medicalsupplies )
  • Is the shape good for ALL ? no, it needs various shapes ! (made from version 1 not this 0.04) actually I saw that it's a bit too high under the eyes and going to lower the parts around the nose on 0.05.
  • Needs elastics and inside protection so there's no direct contact with the skin. About that there's a nice trick : 3D-print on a tissue but it's for advanced 3D-printers and would complexify the process. I recommend to add tissue after 3D-printing this mask.
  • Question about material used: is PLA good for this ? what about other materials like ABS ? main argument about PLA is that it's BIODEGRADABLE so I strongly recommend it, let's not forget our "plastic problem" aka "8th continent".


0.04 only 5 grams

filter cover 0.04

004 both parts assembled

    (after removing the "brim" and extra glue, lost 0.1 gram)


    During the coming days, I'll be working on version 0.05 but until the final release 1.00 please use a professionnal mask or use at your own risk.

    If you decide to fork from the .blend file, please DO SO ! This is only a concept and not a version 1.00 which means it's not perfect at all. It's also a demostration of what can be done and may give ideas for other purposes.
    This mask needs testing in various sizes and heights (Z), and some optimization.

    I'll be giving names to zones of the mask : the nose, the elastics plugs, the air-filter-hole, the filter-cover (second part 3D-printed at same scale).

    004 in blender

    This part is the nose part. I invented this shape of "buttons" or "pins" but it's not perfect either, I'll maybe make them bigger...

    004 zoom

    Update : Nice testing. Layer porn is needed aka perfect first layer. >]

    Sooo...! Now I know what to do on 0.05 :

    • bigger "buttons"
    • 2 more V shapes to give inverted curves on each side of the nose. (in green on the picture)
    • use thermoformation for the nose ! (thanks to "My Tech Fun" ! https://youtu.be/fFOc6d4Ry9M )

    004 assembled